«When I learned about the relationship between lifestyle and health I decided to share it and help people»

María Corbalán is a dietitian and health coach who never loses her smile. She offers her services in a consultation, but also through a beautiful and well-kept website. After passing through the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) of Trujillo promotes a healthy lifestyle in an easy and simple way. Now, his name has become his brand.

-How did the María Corbalán brand emerge?

-The brand arises from the personal need to help other people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle that lasts forever.

-Where does your passion for food come from?

-My passion comes from making a dietary change that improves my health. This leads me to further investigate the importance of not only healthy food but also a healthy lifestyle. When I learned about the direct relationship between lifestyle and health, I needed to share it and help other people achieve it.

-How do you value going through the EOI? How has it helped you?

-Going through the EOI has helped me see my capabilities as a professional and use other channels to reach more people. At the EOI we have classes in communication, online marketing, personal branding, finance… And all this has given me a much broader vision to reach more people and achieve my professional goals.

-Do you have a physical or online consultation?

-Both, I currently combine the online consultation with my in-person consultation at Espacio Saludable Ana’s, in Logrosán. I also hope to soon launch an online school where I can learn the basics of healthy eating and living.

-What is an integrative dietitian?

-She is a dietitian who takes into account many more factors, in addition to diet, when it comes to improving people’s health. Lifestyle, contact with the sun, stress and emotional well-being are, for example, other aspects to take into account if we really want to help a person.

-Are there more and more eating disorders or intolerances? For what is this?

-As for eating disorders, there are more and more people who use food as an escape route. If we have anxiety, if we have had an argument with our boss or if we have had a problem at home, for example, many of us turn to food, it is what we call “emotional hunger”, in many cases we eat without hunger and really We do it because at that moment food helps us momentarily evade the problem.

«When I learned about the relationship between lifestyle and health I decided to share it and help people»

A professor from the EOI of Trujillo in tutoring with María Corbalán.


«When I learned about the relationship between lifestyle and health I decided to share it and help people»

With respect to food intolerances, there may be several reasons why their number has increased, but the hypothesis of excessive hygiene is being considered, which reduces the variety of bacteria present in our intestinal microbiota (flora) and that would trigger lower tolerance. to certain substances that may cause allergies and intolerances. In a study it was seen that those children who do not have a dishwasher at home, and instead wash their dishes with a sponge, have fewer allergies as adults. This may be because the dishwasher almost completely sterilizes the utensils and therefore children come into contact with a smaller variety of bacteria.

-Is it healthy to do without the consumption of animals? And dairy products, are they dispensable?

-You can have a vegetarian or vegan diet that contains all the nutrients necessary for our health, although it is true that the correct combination of foods must be taken into account to obtain all the necessary proteins. Likewise, all those people who eat this type of diet should supplement with vitamin B12, since sufficient quantities are not achieved by eating only foods of animal origin such as eggs and dairy products.

As for dairy, there will always be two sides on this issue, those who are very in favor of dairy and those who are against it. The truth is there are no essential foods and dairy products are not either, although something similar happens with the vegetarian diet, if you want to have a dairy-free diet you should look for other sources rich in calcium such as broccoli, sesame, sardines or chickpeas.

-What is the ‘Eat Healthy, Eat Paleo Challenge’?

-It is a challenge that I organized and that lasted 21 days in which more than 15 professionals shared a menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner, following the principles of evolutionary nutrition, better known as the “paleo diet.” In the challenge, people received a weekly menu for three weeks, as well as a shopping list and recipes for all the dishes on the menu.

The impact that the challenge had was impressive, about 3.700 personasand many of them wrote to me personally to thank me and to tell me the great changes they had noticed in their health (and their weight!) just with a 21-day diet change.

-Is health related to food?

-Of course yes, currently our diet is based on edible products, not real food. Instead of basing our diet on vegetables, fruits and quality proteins, we eat processed products, with sugars and refined oils. This ultimately ends up causing typical Western pathologies such as obesity, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, etc.

Fortunately, there are still some societies on the planet that have not introduced processed products into their diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The study of these societies shows that they do not suffer from the pathologies that we see so common in our populations today. This gives us a clue as to what it means to have a healthy diet: Do not base your diet on products but on foods, always predominating vegetables and fruits.

-Could drugs be avoided with a good diet?

-Yes, with some nuances. We cannot forget that medicine has been a great contribution to health, but it is true that we could prevent many pathologies, and therefore drugs, with a good lifestyle and diet.

-What are María Corbalán’s objectives?

-My goal is to help many people improve their diet and lifestyle in order to improve their health.

-Do you carry out promotional work?

-Yes, in addition to being present on my social networks sharing information about healthy eating, I have given several talks at town halls and schools to raise awareness about the importance of eating healthier. Currently I plan to give talks and workshops where some town councils have contacted me to do this informative work. This shows, without a doubt, that there is increasing awareness about the importance of healthy eating.

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